#AMES Where Opportunities are limitless

Bagbaguin Elementary School started as a primary school. It has an area of 900 sq m lot donated by Don Andres Mariano through the efforts of Mr. Arsenio Sebastian, Jose Gregorio Sr. and Victor Sebastian. The school was named after Don Andres Mariano in 1959.

The following names of teachers and principals below were of great service with remarkable endeavours and serve as instruments to reach out the highest mark of achievements of the school.

Mrs. Lourdes Fabion was the first teacher to lead the school in 1959. Mrs Thelma Chan now Dr. Thelma Galang served six years as school principal. During her time, a two storey building was built and she sought the help of Mr. Aristeo Ycasiano, the general manager of Ramie Textiles Incorporation. In 1975, the school was lead by Mrs Julieta M. Aldaba and she was the first principal who had the first batch of graduates and that time the school was formally turned over by Ramie Textiles Incorporation to the school officials.

The school was lead by Mr. Pio Teodoro in 1977, Miss Corazon D, Cruz in 1978 she was the school principal for two years. Mrs. Ester Hermosilla and Mrs. Crispina Bragado completed the construction of the school stage with the help of the people in the community and it was names Don Andres Mariano. They also requested for a two storey building with boys and girls toilet, canteen’s working area under the municipal fund. In 1977-1980 a Bagong Lipunan eight classroom was built. Mrs. Primitiva Mateo continue to supervise the the construction of the said building.

Likewise, Ms. Editha Rojales requested for the construction of a new Home Economics Building and landscaping of the school premises and school office renovation. Mrs. Lucila Palmario requested for the construction of a two storey six classroom building funded by the local school board. The new Home Economics Building was built during her time funded by DPWH.

Mrs. Aurea Serzo worked out for the renaming of the school to Andres Mariano Elementary School who donated the land and it was approved in 2003. Another dynamic principal came to lead the school in 2005 in the person of Mrs Adelfa Lustanas. She did a lot of improvements for the school like the transfer of the principal’s office, construction of school shed in front of the Magi Building, putting up of sliding gate for the school main gate and the completion of the CSB building under DPWH in coordination with Congressman Antonio Serapio. With her leadership and her unwavering endeavour everything became spic and span that made a good story to tell for the development leading to the great improvement of Andres Mariano Elementary School.

Furthermore, May 2012 to September 9, 2016 Mrs. Merlie B. Oganiza, principal IV came to be the 11th  hardworking and self-motivated person to lead the school. Like other previous principals, she did a lot of improvements. Like the beautification of the school and be awarded as the 2nd cleanest school in Valenzuela for two consecutive years, installation of 4 units of CCTV, putting up of stainless grills in every stairs, repairs of windows, major repair of ceiling of the 2nd floor of funded by the DepEd Valenzuela.

Mr. Robert A. Llanita, a newly installed principal who arrived in Andres Mariano Elementary School last September 13, 2016. He was the first male and 12th principal in our school. He was enthusiastic and organized with creativity in doing his remarkable achievements in our school such as: putting up SPED classrooms, Renovation of restrooms, for boys and girls, School canteen, LRC room, Computer room, utilizing the vacant space under the stairs for stock rooms, removing the shade near the front gate for more beautiful scenery, cleanliness and organized surroundings. To add more beauty and creativity, he was able to use his imaginative mind by putting up attractive caricature of a shipwrecked formation to make the unuseful space more productive and pleasing to the eyes.

During his stay in our school valuable and memorable moments happened to every teacher like having our own water dispenser for every grade level from Kinder to Grade 6 that inspired the teachers to do their jobs with smile on their face.

As a whole, he was the principal who opened the gate for us teachers to experience the happiness and meaningful journey in AMES.